Clean Beauty by Paul Mitchell (250 ml) Repair Conditioner - Salon Warehouse
Clean Beauty by Paul Mitchell (250 ml) Repair Conditioner - Salon Warehouse

Clean Beauty by Paul Mitchell Repair Conditioner 250ml

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Would you like to take your hair care regime to the next level? Do you want to make your damaged, dry strands look appealing instantly? With the all-new Clean Beauty Repair Conditioner by Paul Mitchell, nurture your strands regularly. With the help of natural ingredients, this conditioner is highly effective in repairing your damaged hair. Moreover, it also offers brilliant shine and smoothness to your hair after every application. Infused with natural Amaranth extracts and Vegan Pea Protein, it nourishes your hair from within and protects it from uncharacteristic damage. These ingredients also provide sufficient moisture, attempting to bring back virgin-like hair quality. Hence, it strengthens your hair from within and also ensures that it stays protected from the chemical damage due to environmental aggressors.
Additionally, this hair care product is fantastic at stimulating regeneration and making your hair easily combable. Thus, it detangles your hair very quickly, offering shine and smoothness. If you have frizzy hair, the Clean Beauty Repair Conditioner also eliminates frizziness after each wash. Furthermore, the presence of an active ingredient complex even reduces breakage and hence, leaves your hair much more robust than before. The conditioner bottles are 90% made up of natural ingredients and are biodegradable as well. The cultivated materials are all sustainable, and hence, you need not worry about harming the environment. Due to all these epic features, it is recommended widely among the salon community worldwide.
Still not satisfied with this product? Here are some other notable advantages of using this superior hair care product:
1. Provides sufficient hydration at all times and ensures that your hair is nourished after each application.
2. Reduces the chances of damage due to environmental aggressors and strengthens your hair with the help of 100% plant-based ingredients that are incredibly effective.
3. It brings back virgin-like hair quality and repairs your damaged, fragile strands.