Clean Beauty by Paul Mitchell (250 ml) Repair Shampoo - Salon Warehouse
Clean Beauty by Paul Mitchell (250 ml) Repair Shampoo - Salon Warehouse

Clean Beauty by Paul Mitchell Repair Shampoo 250ml

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Would you like to transform your hair care regime to the next level? Want to ensure that your hair always remains nourished? The Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Repair Shampoo is an extremely brilliant hair care product. This shampoo repairs rough, dry hair after each application using its plant-based power. With a gentle sulfate-free lather, it is incredibly effective in eliminating dirt and buildup.
Additionally, the Repair Shampoo is an ideal product for repairing and protecting your strands from annoying damage. This shampoo is a must for your hair care regime as it offers so many features and is prepared using some great ingredients. Infused with Amaranth extract and Vegan Pea Protein, it truly strengthens damaged hair after each wash. Furthermore, it also helps your damaged, brittle hair regain its beautiful fluidity and protects it from any further damage. Are you a fan of styling your hair regularly? The Clean Beauty Repair Shampoo also prevents damage due to daily styling and humidity.
Moreover, the shampoo is handcrafted with sustainably sourced ingredients. Hence, you need not worry at all that the product might harm the environment. Even the packaging of this brilliant hair care product is 100% natural and bio-based. Thus, be guilt-free and uplift your hair's health as soon as possible with this beautiful hair care product. Due to all these epic features, numerous hair care specialists recommend this product to their clients every day.
Here are some other notable advantages of using the Clean Beauty Repair Shampoo by Paul Mitchell:
1. Provides intensive moisture and nourishment at all times, helping your damaged hair restore its vitality and fluidity.
2. Strengthens your strands with the help of some highly effective natural ingredients, uplifting your hair's quality.
3. This shampoo is 100% vegan as its ingredients come from natural sources. Furthermore, even the shampoo packaging is 100% bio-based, not harming the environment or your hair at all.