Clear Measuring Cup 100ml - Salon Warehouse
Clear Measuring Cup 100ml - Salon Warehouse

Clear Measuring Cup 100ml

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Salons use it to measure dry and liquid ingredients precisely. It is strong and durable, with permanent markings that will not fade or wear away. A weighted base allows for easy measurement and transportation of smaller amounts. You can keep an eye on the contents of the measurement cup while preparing breakfast, mixing hair color, or making a cake recipe. It is designed with a handle and a triangular pouring mouth for easy pouring, no spills when pouring color, developers, dyes, and more.


This cup is made from thick plastic; they are not fragile, durable, reusable, washable, odor-free; they can be filled with food and water; they are stable, compatible with most materials; they are good for use in salons.
A clear graduated line on the mixing cup allows you to get the right amount of every ingredient, mixing colors, developers, and dyes.
Suitable for pouring, measuring, mixing, dispensing, and receiving small amounts of liquids, beads, powders, etc., it will help to reduce waste, save time and money.
The measuring cup can be used for mixing color, dyes, and more.
Design: the wide handle is comfortable to grasp and does not easily slip from the hands. Additionally, it has been designed with a triangular opening, so the liquid does not leak when poured.