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D:FI Hair Spray 300ml - Salon Warehouse

D:FI Hair Spray 300ml

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Give your hair some style. Do you wish your hairspray could do more than hold your hairstyle? Your search seems to have led you to it. You can build texture into your hair with D: FI hair spray while getting the extra hold you need. A style that lasts all day thanks to the nutrient-infused formula that dries quickly. The spray also locks in the lift while adding smoothness and shine. It's great for beautiful, healthy-looking hair. You're good to spray your way to excellent style and a good hair day.

For a style that lasts all day, try D: FI Hair Spray. D: FI Hair Fixative preserves the hairstyle created with this strong hairspray. The day may not be under your control, but at least your hair will be in your control each time you use D: FI quality professional hair products.

On dry hair, spray firm Hairspray with a 25-30 cm distance from the hair at a time. You can layer more spray in the areas that need to be controlled if you need a stronger hold. Our smooth Hairspray gives your hair body and fullness by flipping it upside down and spraying it all over. Also, the spray format keeps your hair intact for longer, which is a bonus.


Achieve extra strong hold with FI Hairspray that adds texture and style
A touchable finish holds your style's shape.
Our powerful hair spray boosts lift, adds texture, or adds shine and smoothness.
A fast-drying formula keeps humidity and frizz at bay.
This nutrient-infused formula nourishes and adds shine to your hair, so it looks radiant and beautiful.
These high-hold hair sprays contain linalool, which is the natural constituent of bergamot oil and French lavender fragrances.
This hair spray's fixative is made up of octyl acrylamide/acrylates/butylaminoethyl, which allows users to maintain the looks created with other D-Fi hair products.