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Jade Alyce Ceramic 32mm - Salon Warehouse

Jade Alyce Ceramic 32mm

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The Jade Alyce Ceramic, 32 mm brush, is ideal for rolling your quiff into the beautiful pompadour you've always dreamed of. In addition to removing small knots, it gives you workable hair when styling your hair daily. Its micro-bristles work effortlessly in both thin and thick hair.
This Jade Alyce Ceramic 32 mm has short bristles and a round design, making it perfect for use with your favorite Hair Dough products. Whether you want it slick or pumped, you decide.
Featuring a non-slip soft rubber thumb grip and made from durable plastic, the Jade Alyce brush is sleek and stylish. Thanks to its unique bristle design, it glides through hair even with thick hair waxes and gels used.
You can now style your hair the way you've always wanted, add volume to your quiff and pump it up with our round styling brush.
This small round brush's compact and slim design makes it the perfect travel brush for hair styling. Give it a slick back, or puff it up, comb it over—your call.
You can use this brush as either a blow drying brush or a hair roll brush when it is dry.
Detangling thick hair with this brush is effortless.
This styling brush works perfectly with any hair to create a perfectly styled look