Jade Alyce Vent Brush
Jade Alyce Vent Brush

Jade Alyce Vent Brush

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In no time, this hair brush will smooth out your beautiful locks thanks to its thick boar bristle and nylon bristle combination. It reduces drying time and enables hair to be protected from damage with the vented hair brushes. These brushes are very easy to clean. The curved head holds more hair, while the rubber handle, which is non-slip, is designed to make sure you don't slip off of it.

Brushing your hair is important for its strength and health and is often overlooked. When the hair is wet, it is at its weakest, prone to snapping when pulled. The purpose of brushing is to gently loosen knots without pulling or breaking hair. Learn how the Jade Alyce Vent Brush gives you perfect salon hair! Any hair type can benefit from this brush. With its delicate bristles and flexible structure, it detangles your hair easily. Designed for fast blow drying, this large vented brush offers maximum volume & shine to your hair from root to tip.


A Jade Alyce vent brush with a soft gel grip that conforms to your hand provides more control and comfort when handling.
Blow drying has never been so easy - The design allows air to pass through the brush to give you a speedy and gentle blow-drying experience.
Style your hair with ease using this high-quality vent brush. Use a professional hairbrush to achieve the latest hairstyle for an event or special occasion!
Antistatic, soft bristles and a vented design make detangling wet or dry hair a breeze. This hairbrush can be used to enhance volume, style and add volume to all hair textures and lengths.
A ball tip bristle provides scalp massage during a hair brushing process, which stimulates scalp circulation, encourages hair growth, and keeps hair healthy.