Nioxin 3D Hair Booster 100ml
Nioxin 3D Hair Booster 100ml

Nioxin 3D Hair Booster 100ml

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42679    NIO6318               Hair Booster 100ml          "Hairfall and receding hairline are common hair problems today; they are either due to stress and environmental pollution or genetic factors. Wella has been serving the hair industry for more than a century. It has always provided good quality products. This hair booster from Wella will solve your hair problems such as a less density crown and receding hairline.


Shiny hair does not look good if it is not enough in volume. Good hair volume and appropriate hairline are essential factors in determining a person's personality. This hair booster from Wella delivers an intense boost to areas of low density. It is effective from the first use and makes sure to use it regularly for good results. It helps fight the problem of the low-density crown and makes hair soft and shiny. It has dual benefits of repair and improving hair texture.


Wella products have been the choice of salons for many decades. This hair booster is another excellent product from their range, specifically designed to work on the target areas. If you are suffering from a low-density crown or receding hairline, this product is a must-try. Its secret ingredient is an ultra-concentrated formula. This formula has a coenzyme-10 vitamin complex as a critical ingredient. The goodness of this coenzyme gives effective results, and it mainly targets the problematic areas. This product is worth the price.




  1. Ultra-concentrated formula.
  2. Coenzyme-10 vitamin complex.
  3. Targets problematic areas.
  4. Effective results.


Directions for use:


  1. Apply on washed damp hair.
  2. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Afterwards, apply conditioner or mask.



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