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Nioxin 3D Hair Booster 50ml - Salon Warehouse

Nioxin 3D Hair Booster 50ml

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The luxurious blend of oils makes hair soft and shiny. The lightweight transformation technology protects the hair keratin and transforms the hair texture. It will give you smooth, shiny, and healthy hair without letting them down, and it locks the hair moisture and makes hair vibrant and full of life. The main reason why hair looks dull is lack of moisture. It restores mask targets retaining the hair moisture. This mask will give you the feel of luxurious hair care at an affordable price, and this restored mask has got excellent reviews from its users.

Hair Booster 50ml "Haircare has become one of the biggest industries, and various products are ideal for multiple hair problems. Hairfall and hair thinning is the common hair problem. You cannot treat it with a good shampoo and conditioner, and you need something specific. Nioxin Hair Booster has been formulated for treating thin hair, receding hairline, and low-density crown. The booster conditions hair. It also forms a protective barrier against cuticle damage. This root booster from Nioxin targets the root area and protects the cuticle of the hair. If hair cuticles are well preserved, scalp health will improve.


This leave-on cuticle treatment is mainly designed to treat progressive hair thinning. It solves the hair problems such as receding hairline and low-density crown, and it also moisturizes the scalp and conditions the hair. You will get soft, shiny, and fuller-looking hair. It works for all types and combats hair loss as well. The advanced formula of this hair booster forms a protective layer against the cuticle. It, in turn, protects it from damage caused by environmental pollution and chemicals.





  1. Protects hair cuticle.
  2. Moisturises hair scalp.
  3. Conditions hair.
  4. Diameter-protection.
  5. Treats receding hairline or low-density crown.
  6. Combats hair loss.


Directions of use:


  1. Distribute with fingertips from root to tips and let it be
  2. Use this leave-on treatment twice daily for best results.


Nioxin produces hair care products for various hair problems, prominently thin hair, and receding hairline. It is used and recommended by salons worldwide. This hair booster gives long-lasting results with consistent use and is suitable for curly hair as well. Customers who bought it have given excellent reviews. It works well when used along with the Nioxin hair treatment regimen.



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