Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam 200ml - Salon Warehouse
Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam 200ml - Salon Warehouse

Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam 200ml

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The Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam is a product that will significantly improve your hair health. It comes in a 200ml bottle.

This product has the Pro-Thick Technology, which is a complex of thickening polymers that form bonds between your hair strands for more space. The space that it creates gives your hair a thicker appearance. It also makes achieving the hairstyle you desire a simple task. Furthermore, the Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam provides a firm hold to your hair and also creates a thicker and fuller result. After application, this product leaves your hair with a manageable body, as compared to untreated hair. Let’s take a look at the features of the Nioxin Niox Bodifying foam.

Improves hair health
Has the Pro-Thick Technology which forms bonds between hair strands
It makes your hair look thicker and makes it easy to achieve the hairstyle you want
Provides a firm hold to the hair and also gives a thicker and fuller result to the hair
It leaves your hair in a manageable condition

Here is how to use the Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam.

Apply the Nioxin Niox Bodifying Foam to towel-dried hair and comb it through
Blow-dry your hair for volume and style your hair as usual after application


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