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Nioxin Therm Activ Protector 150ml - Salon Warehouse

Nioxin Therm Activ Protector 150ml

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The Nioxin Styling ThermActiv Heat Protector Spray is designed to restore shine and health to thinning and normal hair prior to styling. A formula formulated with Nioxin and LightPlex technology can protect hair from breakage-induced hair loss. The lightplex technology: System that works inside and outside the hair to promote hair growth. Hair ends up more hydrated and protected against damage from the environment thanks to conditioning agents. Each hair is wrapped in a flexible polymer for a smooth, balanced style.

The hair won't feel stiff after using this heat protectant. With Therm-Activ Protector, you can protect your hair against breakage and damage without leaving it stiff or sticky. Therm Activ Protection (150ml) by Nioxin 3D Styling Light prevents hair damage when styling with heat. The product protects and leaves the hair looking healthy while also keeping it shiny. The spray uses Nioxin's LightPlex technology, which coats hair with lightweight, flexible polymers, giving the hair a balanced appearance without stiffness. Conditioners penetrate the hair's cortex, preventing environmental damage and maximizing moisture levels.


The hair is left shiny and protected against breakage with the heat-activated spray.
It is an essential first step in protecting and styling any hair type.
A heat-protecting product for hair.
It prevents breakage.
Hair looks shiny after using.
It is engineered with LightPlex technology.
Use the Nioxin System Kit for best results.

Directions To Use:

Comb towel-dried hair after spraying product evenly through.
Leave it on your hair.
You can style your hair in whatever you fancy.
You can also style your dry hair and give them a refreshing look.


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