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Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost 250ml - Salon Warehouse

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost 250ml

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Over the years, hair care regimes and suitable products have become critical to one's life. The increasing obsession with stylish hairdos and extensions makes it an essential aspect of a person's life. Thus, one has to use the correct hair care product for their fragile strands, ensuring that all requirements are met. The efficacy of the product is an influential factor to consider before buying a hair care product. The Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost is indeed an exquisite product for your delicate locks. It is a salon-quality root lifter that adds precision and volume to your hair.
Additionally, it also helps prevent mechanical as well as chemical damage. Infused with a blend of Panthenol, this hair care product increases the volume at the roots of your hair. Moreover, the various styling agents included in it greatly enhance styling capabilities. These shall also help you with thermal styling techniques. The infusion of incredible, natural ingredients ensures sufficient nourishment and hydration to your strands.
Furthermore, the presence of a precision sprayer helps the user get just the right amount of product for their hair. If you are tired of trying to treat your lifeless, dull strands, the Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost is the best. It truly gives dry, unruly hair a weightless volume boost after each application. An added benefit is that it leaves your hair softer, silkier and offers superior shine. Due to all these epic features, salon experts widely recommend this product all over the world.
Still not convinced with this Paul Mitchell product? Read on for additional features:
1. The quick-dry formula ensures that your hair dries quickly and you are out of the door much faster than before.
2. This hair spray adds a great fragrance to your hair that can last for many hours.


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