Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Mirror Smooth Conditioner 1000ml
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Mirror Smooth Conditioner 1000ml

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Mirror Smooth Conditioner 1000ml

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Are you looking for a conditioner that will help you get rid of the frizz and also make your hair softer than it was? If you are, then the Paul Mitchel Awapuhi MirrorSmooth Conditioner is the best pick for the requirements. Not only will this conditioner eliminate the frizz, but it will also make your hair superiorly soft. It is why this product has a very high demand in the current market.
This conditioner from the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Range from Paul Mitchell will instantly hydrate and detangle your hair. It is a silky and color-safe conditioner that abolishes frizz and leaves your hair feeling luxuriously soft after using it. It will leave your hair with a shiny and reflective mirror-smooth finish. The MirrorSmooth conditioner contains KeraReflect, which is an exclusive blend of the natural Abyssinian oil, awapuhi extracts, and keratin protein.
It smoothens and softens each hair strand, making the hair easy to comb and easily manageable. This conditioner also helps in preventing flyaways and protects the hair from incurring thermal damage. Here is an interesting fact about the Awapuhi Products of Paul Mitchell. In 1982, the co-founders established a self-powered awapuhi farm in Hawaii. So, all the awapuhi that is used in the Paul Mitchell products is harvested from that farm! Here are the top features of this product.
1. Suitable to use for all hair types but best for frizzy and color-treated hair
2. The fragrance of this product is the scent of the hibiscus flower with bergamot zest, pineapple, wild ginger, frangipani petals, and coconut water
3. This conditioner is color-safe, paraben-free, and gluten-free
Now, let's see how to use this conditioner.
1. Apply to clean and wet hair
2. Massage it for some time, then rinse it off


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