Paul Mitchell Shampoo One 1000ml
Paul Mitchell Shampoo One 1000ml

Paul Mitchell Shampoo One 1000ml

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Are you looking for a shampoo that you can regularly use without it damaging your hair? If yes, then your search ends here with the Paul Mitchell One Shampoo. You need to give your hair what it needs to be healthy and look shiny to manage it efficiently and take care of it. This Shampoo from Paul Mitchell cleans all hair types with ease.
The product contains panthenol, and it the conditioner is derived from wheat. It makes it drastically improve the surface of the hair and readily manage it. After applying it, it leaves the hair clean, shiny, healthy-looking and smelling fragrant. Here is an interesting fact about the Paul Mitchell Shampoo One. It is among the very first Paul Mitchell products in the line of the Paul Mitchell original products!
For summarizing the product, it is perfect for applying for all hair types. You can use it for regular usage, and this product balances the moisture and cleans your hair, keeping the impurities away. The fragrance is that of creamy tropical coconut with hints of pineapple crush! Apart from that, you can apply it to colored hair, and there is no cruelty involved in the making of this product. Also, there is no paraben. Now that we know a lot about the product, here are some of its top highlights.
1. The product is a color-safe product
2. This shampoo is vegan and free of animal-cruelty
3. The product is paraben-free
After taking a look at the product's highlights, here is how you can ideally use this shampoo.
1. Massage the shampoo into wet hair
2. Rinse it off
3. Repeat it if required
Pro Tip: After using this shampoo, follow it with applying your favorite Paul Mitchell Conditioner for witnessing the best results!


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