Paul Mitchell The Detangler 1000ml
Paul Mitchell The Detangler 1000ml

Paul Mitchell The Detangler 1000ml

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Are you searching for a conditioner that will help in detangling your curls and adding richness to your hair's overall texture? If you are, then the Paul Mitchell Detangler is the perfect product for the purpose. This original conditioner from Paul Mitchell is one of its most famous products.
This product is best to apply for coarse and color-treated hair. The Detangler Conditioner from Paul Mitchell helps to detangle and replenish dry and thirsty hair easily. The Paul Mitchell Detangler conditioner also has grapeseed oil and carrot extract that will help provide instant conditioning and detangling to the hair. Not only that, but it will also leave the hair looking shiny. Now, let's take a look at the top features of the Paul Mitchell Detangler Conditioner.
1. Suitable to use for all hair types but best to use for color-treated and coarse hair
2. The fragrance of this conditioner a delicate floral scent of jasmine rose and violet with subtle hints of sandalwood and fir needle
3. This product is color-safe
4. This conditioner is vegan and free from animal cruelty
5. The conditioner is paraben-free and gluten-free
Now, let's see how to use the Paul Mitchell Detangler Conditioner
1. Apply a small amount of the Paul Mitchell Detangler Conditioner to clean and wet hair
2. Rinse it off after some time and style as per requirements


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