Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Oil Developer 2% - 7Vol 900ml - Salon Warehouse
Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Oil Developer 2% - 7Vol 900ml - Salon Warehouse

Schwarzkopf Blondme Premium Oil Developer 2% - 7Vol 900ml

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Mineral Oil makes up a significant portion of Blondme Premium Developer. Due to the reduced water content, dyestuff, alkalisers, and peroxide may not be diluted as well. There is also a higher concentration of active ingredients in the hair during the blonding process, which ensures a greater shine and optimum results.Schwartzkopf BLONDME developers are the perfect complement to BLONDME staining products. A magnificent color result is achieved with their oil-enriched formula. Choosing the right developer depends on the application, the desired level of lighting, and the type of product.

With its caring formula for brilliant blondes, Schwartzkopf BlondMe Premium Care Developer provides great conditioning. BLONDME's range of lighteners and colors offers the high performance needed to achieve a customized blonde appearance. This product is specifically designed to work with BLONDME bleaches and colors. With 9 levels of lift available with this Premium Care Developer, blonde hair can be creatively crafted in endless ways. You will enjoy brilliant shine and a soft feel to your blondes' hair after using this oil developer formula that maintains natural moisture. Using this formula, you can ensure your newly blonde hair has a terrific shine and a soft feel since it supports hair's natural moisture balance.

Designed for toning and gentle bleaching of hair after it has been lightened.
A brilliant blonde formula developer that offers great conditioning.
This product is specifically formulated for BlondMe Bleach and Color Shades.
Providing excellent vibrancy and softness while moisturizing hair.
Ideal for conventional bleaching
This product is a premium hair developer
Formula with oil in it
Moisture balance is maintained in the hair
Smoothes the surface of the hair

Usage Directions:
Mix the BlondMe Bond Enforcing Powder properly with the developer
Part the hair
Apply to small sections of hair at a time
Leave a 1.5-centimeter space around the head
Make sure there is enough product to ensure complete saturation
The remaining product should be applied to the roots
Thoroughly rinse
Shampoo with BLONDME Bonding Shampoo
As needed, apply toner


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