Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tame Shampoo 300ml - Salon Warehouse
Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tame Shampoo 300ml - Salon Warehouse

Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tame Shampoo 300ml

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Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Clinix Tame Shampoo is ideal for wiping away coarse, frizzy hair and preparing it for maintenance. With Fibre Clinix Tame, your hair is visibly tamed and smooth. Coarse, frizzy, and difficult-to-manage hair can benefit from Triple Bonding & C21 Technology. In addition to taming the hair structure, Ceramide smoothes the hair surface for anti-frizz effects.

Are you struggling with a wild mane that is unmanageable ? It is great for people with naturally voluptuous locks, and it prepares them for the regimen to follow. With the Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tame Shampoo, you will be able to tame unruly hair using a Phytokine formula. If you have frizzy hair or hair that doesn't like humid conditions, Ceramide is an instant fix.

Cleanse and seal the pores of the hair while focusing on the integrity of the hair shaft, so that hair can be more manageable, less frizzy, and less prone to the effects of humidity. It's like having a manageable mane!

Using Triple Bonding and C21 Technology, Fibre Clinix Tame Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse coarse, frizzy, and unmanageable hair and reconnect inner hair bonds. Using Ceramide in the formula tames the hair structure and reduces frizz.


Ceramide instantly enhances manageability
Enhances hair's manageability immediately
Smoothes out the hair surface
Prevents static hair
Ceramides are natural components of hair that smooth the hair surface, preventing frizz
A triple bonding technique, strengthening the hair's structure from within, forming new bonds
Enhances shine, manageability, and flexibility with C21 Technology

How To Use:

On wet hair, apply a small amount of the conditioner and work it in. Make sure the conditioner is completely rinsed out. If needed, repeat. The best results will be achieved when followed by BC Fibre Clinix Tame Conditioner.


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