Schwarzkopf Hand Sanitizer 250ml
Schwarzkopf Hand Sanitizer 250ml

Schwarzkopf Hand Sanitizer 250ml


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Keep your hands clean and yourself healthy with Schwarzkopf Hand Sanitizer. Totally natural sanitizing gel for keeping hands clean. For use in place of soap when hand washing is not possible. Refresh your hands anytime and anywhere with this Hand Sanitizer Gel by Schwarzkopf. It comes in a compact travel size, enabling you to carry around hassle-free and helps you keep clean and sanitized on the go. Schwarzkopf hand sanitizer helps protect your hands from germs when you can't access soap and water. It is formulated professionally and scientifically to kill around 99.9% of germs and provide 100% better results. Schwarzkopf hand sanitizer has a non-sticky and gel texture that leaves no residue and dries out within seconds.
It's a messy world we live in. When dealing with shopping carts, doorknobs, and other items that may contain germs, carry this travel-size hand sanitizer with you to get rid of the sticky and dirty fingers. Get rid of harmful germs and bacteria with a small amount of Schwarzkopf Hand Sanitizer.
With 75% ethanol, it exceeds CDC's recommended level of hand sanitizer.
The best antibacterial and non-sticky hand sanitizer
Hygienically clean your hands
It is 99.99% effective at killing bacteria and viral particles.
It comes in a handy 250 ml bottle, making it easier to travel with and carry around.
Keeping your hands clean and healthy in a natural way.

Directions for use: Squeeze hand sanitizer from the bottle as much as required and apply evenly between fingers and thumbs and on the front and back of hands. Rub smoothly and let it air dry.

This sanitizing gel that dissolves in your palms will gently care for your hard working hands while providing them with the delicate treatment they need. The Schwartzkopf Hand Sanitizer can easily fit in your bag while you are on the go in this compact size. Prevent germs from spreading by taking good care of your hands.


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