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Sebastian Craft Clay 50G - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Craft Clay 50G

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Create a big hold and volume at the roots of your hair with Sebastian Craft Clay. It adds a big hold and low shine to your hair! Whether you have short or medium-length hair, Sebastian Craft Clay will provide you with a style that defies gravity and is flexible to hold. Using this professional hair styler, you will observe a natural hold and retain a matte finish in your hair. The Craft Clay remoldable texturizer provides volume and strong definition to short to medium hairstyles.

This remoldable matte texturizer from Sebastian will inspire your creative side. For defining your own unique style and look, Craft Clay is the ideal product. Earth minerals provide a matte finish that separates and restyles texture nicely. Sebastian re-invents matte-hold styles using sculpting, craft clays that blend nature and technology.

Craft Clay Matte Clay from Sebastian Professional gives you creative control over your hairstyles. This body and volume boost texturizer is infused with earth minerals and kaolin, providing a flexible hold at the roots. With a touchable matte finish, the remoldable styling clay lends instant texture to short to medium hair.


You can control and style short and medium-length hair with this product
Apply the texturizer to dry hair to alter its texture
It comes in a 1.7-oz bottle
It leaves hair feeling matte and touchable
Texturizer that's mouldable
Made with minerals of the earth
For natural hold and remoldable styles

Directions To Use:

Take out a small amount of clay into your hands and emulsify
Apply a dry matte finish to dry hair to change texture, mold, and separate
It is best to rub it on the roots to roughen up the look


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