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Sebastian Dark Oil 95ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Dark Oil 95ml

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An oil that smoothes hair and adds body. Its incredible fragrance comes from natural oils such as sandalwood, cedarwood, and argan. The DiffusX technology provides seamless styling and hair care by smoothening the cuticle, adding body, and disappearing into the hair.

Using Dark Oil on your hair will smoothen it, add body, and give it a weightless shine. It nourishes the hair from the inside, smoothes the cuticles, and provides texture to prevent frizz. If combined with other styling products, the oil can be used in limitless ways to achieve the perfect style.

Dark oil is a styling oil that is exempt from standard rules. Dark, but light thanks to DiusX Technology, it never weighs you down. Your hair will be shinier and heavier thanks to this product. It is a scent that is still very much palpable, combining Sandalwood and Argan as if they were two heavenly oils.

Sebastian Dark Oil's formula, enriched with sandalwood and cedar to give hair a deeply nourishing effect, nourishes it from inside. You will notice that your hair gets softer, shinier, and fuller after using this product. This treatment restores the body and clarity of your hair and protects it from UV rays. This styling oil from Sebastian professional is enriched with nourishing properties. It glides on effortlessly, disappears, and leaves behind an intoxicating scent.

A lightweight styling oil that leaves alluring fragrances behind, not stickiness.
It is formulated with DiffusX technology that brings volume and shines to your hair.
This dark oil is suitable for all types of hair, whether straight, brittle, or curly.
It comes in a compact size of a 95ml bottle.

Directions To Use:

You can apply it to dry or damp hair, from the middle to the ends. Repeat as needed.


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