Sebastian Penetraitt Masque 500ml - Salon Warehouse
Sebastian Penetraitt Masque 500ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Penetraitt Masque 500ml

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Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and Recovery Masque is the best way to recover from heat burns, chemical burns, and other styling stresses! The Sebastian Penetraitt Masque protects your hair from further damage by protecting it from further stress. You can style your hair as it recovers. This masque will also strengthen and repair already damaged hair, allowing it to recover faster from burns and other stresses.

It protects stressed hair from damage when it is most vulnerable when wet. The system provides easy detangling and deep conditioning, transforming dull, dry hair into soft, shiny locks. A strengthening and repairing masque that penetrates the hair, protecting it from chemicals and heat damage. Silky, strong hair is the result.

Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Repair Masque is an excellent hydrating treatment for overworked hair. This active rescue treatment penetrates the hair to repair and reconstruct its health, creating a super-strong and silky-soft style. It adds strength to damaged hair while removing and guarding it against the effects of past chemical treatments and heat damage. Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Repair Masque is essential for strengthening damaged hair to achieve any look.


You will get intense conditioning and nutrition from this formula that actively protects your hair.
It is designed to smooth and seal the cuticles.
Actively penetrates and fills hair fibers to prevent external aggression, increasing smoothness.
It is specifically formulated for chemically treated hair, protects the fibers and color as it closes, and protects the color.
It consists of a mask you leave on for 3-5 minutes, reapply 1 to 2 times per week, and rinse off thoroughly afterward.
Penetraitt shampoo and penetraitt conditioner are essential to achieving the desired effects.

How To Use:

Put Sebastian Penetraitt Masque on damp hair, working it through evenly. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair after letting the masque sit for three minutes.


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