Sebastian Re-Shaper 400ml - Salon Warehouse
Sebastian Re-Shaper 400ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Re-Shaper 400ml

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A long-lasting, reshapable version of the iconic shaper hairspray. Create endless styles and stand out silhouettes by shaping, holding, and reshaping them over and over.
Use Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper to create the desired hairstyle. This professional hairspray provides a touchable feel and stronghold. With Sebastian Re-Shaper, you can change the look as often as you like. Its long-lasting hold and humidity protection make it ideal for all hair types.

Sebastian Re-Shaper strong, multi-blend hold gives you the best hold in the business. The Re-Shaper is a long-wearing, moisture-proof way to bend any movement into shape. A quick-drying, high hold hairspray with long-lasting, effortless hold, Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper (400ml) provides quick-drying and lasting hold.

With a brushable formula, it protects hair against humidity and suits all hair types. Up to 18 hours reworkable, it makes a perfect finishing spray for daily style changes. This revolutionary hair styling spray will transform your locks. You can switch between looks as often as you like with Re-Shaper, a hairspray that provides a stronghold and is easy to brush out. This product protects against humidity effects from the beginning to the end of any styling regime.


A hairspray that holds strongly
Works for all hair types
Easily brushed out
Protects against humidity

Directions To Use:

When damp, spray on the root for a quick boost and blow-dry.
The spray will capture the tousled movement during blow-drying.
A mist covers the finished style to give it a controlled hold from day to night.


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