Sebastian Seb Man The Multi-Taker Hair, Beard & Body Wash 1000ml - Salon Warehouse
Sebastian Seb Man The Multi-Taker Hair, Beard & Body Wash 1000ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Seb Man The Multi-Taker Hair, Beard & Body Wash 1000ml

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The Sebastian Multitasker 3 in 1 HAIR, BEARD & BODY Wash is a multipurpose cleanser for all hair types and effective cleanser for hair, beard & body. The refreshing bergamot and pink pepper scent combine with the guarana extract to create a lively freshness. SEB MAN hair care products are simple.

A refreshing cleanser for hair, body, and beard, Sebastian SEB MAN The Multi-Tasker Hair, Beard & Body Wash. The wash works on both skin and hair types. Salicylic acid removes dirt and buildup, while caffeine stimulates microcirculation by mildly exfoliating. This formula is gentle and soothing, thanks to the addition of allantoin and glycerin. Also, the bergamot and pink pepper scents present a stimulating sensory experience for men who prefer to refuse to be categorized.

Product Ingredients:

Natural sources of allantoin can be found in the roots and leaves of comfrey plants. This product is soothing, skin-softening, and accelerates wound healing in addition to soothing;
A key element of this cleanser is caffeine, which is common in stimulating drinks because of its important antioxidant properties. It stimulates microcirculation, which replenishes the deep layers of the scalp, along with hair follicles;
When treating clogged pores, salicylic acid is considered a standard gold ingredient. It has lipid-soluble properties, thus reaching deeper layers of the skin (including the scalp) and removing dead skin cells. It also has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, soothing existing flare-ups and preventing new ones from occurring;
Glycerin is also a humectant naturally found in the body, which is responsible for keeping lipids under our skin healthy. Consequently, it protects our natural barrier from irritation and keeps it functioning well at all times.

Sebastian SEB MAN The Multi-Tasker hair, beard & body wash 1000ml
An all-purpose product for cleaning hair, beards, and bodies.
Contains guarana extract and bergamot and pink pepper extract for a stimulating fragrance.
All hair types can use it.

How To Use:
Take a small amount and apply it.
Apply only on wet hair, beard, and body.
Rinse thoroughly.


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