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Sebastian Sublimate 100ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Sublimate 100ml

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An essential component of every hairstyle. Anywhere. At any time. A flexible polymer is used in SUBLIMATE to form a smooth film around the hair fiber for a better anti-frizz effect. The formula is lightweight and easy to apply throughout the day. It is invisible and lightweight which tame flyaways and define hair while reducing frizz.

Sebastian Professional Sublimate Styling Creme is an invisible finishing creme designed to leave hair feeling as soft as cashmere. It smoothes and lightly coats cuticles for natural movement by creating an even film around the hair surface. A lightweight emulsion that tames flyaway hair and controls frizz. White in appearance, the formula disappears when applied to hair without adding weight or building up on hair.

A styling cream by Sebastian. A finishing cream to finish, Sebastian Sublimate is an imperceptible cream for all hair types that provides a smooth gloss. Sebastian Sublimate provides definition and anti-frizz control. The lightweight formulation allows for easy application and reapplication.

With Sebastian Professional Sublimate Hair Styling Cream, you can control frizz, tame flyaways, and make your hair smoother. It leaves your hair silky and smooth. Professional hair care and a cashmere-smooth shine are the hallmarks of Sebastian Sublimate. Make your hair shiny, smooth, and manageable with these products.

Benefits include:
Tames flies away
Provides a definition
A tangle-free hairstyle
Protection against heat and UV rays
Non-silicone oils
A lightweight and invisible styling gel

Use the following instructions:
Apply this versatile creme to dry hair. It is suitable for all hair types.
The best way to enhance your look is to apply it through the mid-lengths and ends after blow-drying.
You can re-apply this throughout the day if you need to keep your tresses tame without weighing your hair down.


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