Sebastian Twisted Elastic Cleanser 250ml - Salon Warehouse
Sebastian Twisted Elastic Cleanser 250ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Twisted Elastic Cleanser 250ml

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The new Twisted line from Sebastian introduces tools for creating and enhancing beautiful curls for everyone. Provides definition and defines natural waves; makes straight hair look waved and curled; enhances curls and coils already present. You can achieve bouncy, flexible, long-lasting curls with Sebastian, whether that is by nature or by tools.

In the unique blend of Carrageenan extract, Red Seaweed, elastic polymer, and glycerin, your hair is coated in an elastic layer to provide unprecedented flexibility, curl, moisture, anti-frizz, and definition for up to 48 hours. Give existing curls and coils a striking definition, and enhance natural waves. It's easy to achieve long-lasting, bouncy curls with Sebastian, whether your hair is curly by nature or curled with a tool.

With Flexi-AlgTM Complex, Sebastian introduces a breakthrough technology powered by carrageenan, a red seaweed extract that delivers the elasticity, bounciness, and moisture of underwater plants to curls and provides frizz protection. The Sebastian Professional Twisted Elastic Cleanser Shampoo is formulated specifically for curly hair and is inspired by underwater plants that move flexibly under the ocean waves.

Use Twisted Elastic Cleanser shampoo for curly hair to gently cleanse your hair while hydrating it. Curly and wavy hair can benefit from this professional shampoo. The shampoo makes your hair look plump and elastic and makes them hold its curls for an extended period of time.


Shampoo specifically for curly hair
designed to follow the waves of hair for effective cleaning
It contains red seaweed extract that replenishes moisture
and helps curly hair regain elasticity and body
Adds definition and a lasting bounce to your hair with Panthenol & Glycerin
Provides flexible, lasting curls that are supple and manageable

How to use:
When hair is damp, apply Sebastian Elastic Cleanser
Rinse thoroughly after massaging
If necessary, repeat the procedure


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