Sebastian Twisted Elastic Treatment 150ml - Salon Warehouse
Sebastian Twisted Elastic Treatment 150ml - Salon Warehouse

Sebastian Twisted Elastic Treatment 150ml

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Flexi-Alg Complex, a breakthrough technology derived from underwater plants, gives Twisted Collection curls the same elasticity and strength as underwater plants. In addition to the elastic polymer, glycerin and carrageenan extract combine to create a unique coating around each hair strand that improves elasticity, frizz control, moisture, and definition up to 48 hours.

Curls that are untamable and unmanageable can be transformed into bouncy curls with Twisted Elastic Treatment. While protecting your hair from humidity, it nourishes and strengthens it. It adds moisture, fights frizz, and transforms kinks into bouncy curls that turn heads. Sebastian's Twisted line provides every woman with the tools to achieve stunning curls. Give existing curls and coils a striking definition; Turn straight hair into wavy or curly styles. Sebastian is the perfect choice for curls that are bouncy, flexible, and long-lasting.

Smooth, silky, soft curly hair is created with Twisted Elastic's hair treatment. While protecting hair fibres against moisture, fighting frizz, and adding moisture, it transforms untamable kinks into picture-perfect bouncy curls.

With Sebastian Professional Twisted Elastic Treatment for Curls Mask, you can add moisture to your hair and protect it from humidity. A professional hair treatment that moisturizes and tames frizz, transforming untamable waves into head-turning bouncy curls. Sebastian's Elastic Treatment mask helps create elastic curly hairstyles by strengthening and conditioning the hair fiber.


Contains Flexi-AlgTM Complex.
Protects the hair from humidity while nourishing and strengthening the fiber.
It transforms untamable curls into bouncy, head-turning curls that fight frizz and add moisture.
It is a high-performance, specialized mask for curly hair
It follows the waves of the hair for effective treatment
Softens & reduces frizz by replenishing intense moisture
A deeply nourishing formula that is enriched with Red Seaweed Extract, Glycerin, and Panthenol.
Helps promote body, bounce, and elasticity in hair.
Curls become more manageable & flexible for a gorgeous finish.

How To Use:

Apply the mask energetically to your hair after using Twisted Elastic Cleanser. Allow it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse. Repeat every two weeks.


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