Joico Flip Turn Volumising Hairspray 300ml - Salon Warehouse
Joico Flip Turn Volumising Hairspray 300ml - Salon Warehouse

Joico Flip Turn Volumising Hairspray 300ml

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Joico Flip Turn Volumising Hairspray will surprise you with its epic features to finish your hair like you always wanted. It has incredible staying power, making your hair look natural yet stylish for up to 72 hours. Additionally, it also transforms limp and lack-luster locks into super smooth, bouncy hair. The hair spray is entirely non-greasy, ensuring perfect texture as well as ultimate definition. Among other hair sprays, this product is a winner.
Moreover, it has a deep-sea antioxidant known as AquaLastik, which is highly effective in giving a frizz-free finish—looking for luminous shine and luscious locks? The Peptide technology present inside the hair spray gets your hair ready for display. You are going to love styling and finishing your hair with this unique product. Due to its compatibility for all kinds of hair types, it is recommended by thousands of hair care experts worldwide. Furthermore, it even has the qualities of holding your locks in volume for three days in total.
Are you still confused about which hair care product to choose? Here are some brilliant and noteworthy factors to consider about Joico Flip Turn Volumising Hairspray:
When we say there isn't any other hair spray with the amount of hold and volumizing power, we aren't lying. This product is renowned for these qualities and will surely make your hair look better than before.
There are loads of natural ingredients present in this unbelievably good hair spray. These are incredibly efficient in shielding your hair from unwanted toxins that could ruin its smoothness.
It has a holding capacity of up to 72 hours and even has brilliant qualities that make sure your hair isn't affected due to humid weather.
This product is paraben-free as well, so you need not worry about harmful preservatives at all.