System Professional Alpha Energy 100mL
System Professional Alpha Energy 100mL

System Professional Alpha Energy 100mL

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It is an energizing treatment suitable for all types of hair. You can apply it to both the hair and the scalp. Especially suitable for delicate hair types. Take advantage of System Professional Alpha Energy's refreshing and moisturizing properties for your hair and scalp.

In its latest energizer, System Professional has combined a concentrated form of EnergyCode TM complex with proven efficiency, resulting in five years of research. From the root to the tips, it strengthens the three pillars of hair (scalp, fiber, and texture) and makes comb-ability easier for the hair. Its use transforms hair and scalp into radiant, easy-to-comb hair that does not leave a sticky residue or accumulate. All the products from the System Professional range work together with Alpha Energy.

If you want your hair to look fuller, use System Professional Extra Alpha Energy X5A 100ml. The formula provides easily manageable hair with more body and transforms your hair and scalp from the first application. You can easily recreate your favorite looks and spend less time styling by giving hair more flexibility and responsiveness.

Enhances the attributes of hair, scalp, fiber, and texture by energizing and enriching them
Rejuvenates and amplifies the appearance of hair
Resulting in a noticeable reduction in hair fall and give hair a fuller and more manageable appearance
Improves scalp hydration
for a healthier hair structure
Effectively transforms the scalp and hair the moment you apply it
It leaves no residues, adheres to nothing, or builds up
Synergistic action with all System Professional products
Adds more depth to your color while rejuvenating and nourishing your hair and scalp.

Instructions for use

Start with roots and then to mid-lengths, later style.


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