System Professional Balance Mask 200mL
System Professional Balance Mask 200mL

System Professional Balance Mask 200mL


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A soothing Dermacalm Complex deeply moisturizes and relieves discomfort on the scalp with this weekly treatment. The active ingredients are derived from botanical sources that strengthen the skin's protective barrier and leave the hair smooth and soft. This System Professional Balance Mask restores your hair's natural balance. The hair mask moisturizes the scalp deeply, helping to relieve discomfort.

The mild formula is enriched with conditioning activities to leave hair feeling hydrated and soothed. You can easily detangle your lengths when using it, all while strengthening the protective layer of your scalp. It works by calming the appearance and feel of irritation when used by dermatologists. Feel the softness of silky hair that is balanced and supple.

Make your scalp feel good with the System Professional Balance Mask B3 200ml. For relief of scalp discomfort, apply this mask weekly. It will be easier to feel confident about your hair because your hair will feel soft and soothed.

A treatment for scalps that are sensitive, dry, or irritated. The Dermacalm Complex calms your scalp and moisturizes it deeply, as well as relieving discomfort with a weekly treatment. The active ingredients strengthen the skin's protective barrier and moisturize the hair.


An intensive and lasting treatment to soothe a sensitive, dry, irritated scalp.
With Zinc Pyriothon Complex, the hair mask helps strengthen the skin's natural barrier, balancing and soothing the scalp and strengthening thinning hair, preventing hair loss.
Hair looks thicker and healthier, and itchier scalps feel soothed.
Intense moisturizing
A long-lasting effect
It leaves hair feeling soft and smooth
Formulations with mild ingredients
A dermatologist-developed product
A skin tolerance test and an efficacy test have been conducted

How to use:
Once you've washed your hair, apply a coin-size amount of conditioner to it
Wrap the mask around your twirls and lengths evenly
Rinse with water after 5-10 minutes


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