System Professional Hydrate Shampoo 250mL
System Professional Hydrate Shampoo 250mL

System Professional Hydrate Shampoo 250mL


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Hydrate Shampoo from System Professional envelops your hair in long-lasting moisture.
A gentle but hydrating cleanser, the formula is ideal for hair types that are dry. Taking care to condition your lengths quickly eliminates impurities. Lightweight and nourishing, the shampoo promotes supple, healthy hair.

The System Professional Hydrate Shampoo H1 250ml is designed to treat dry hair while moisturizing and nourishing your locks. The shampoo hydrates dry hair to make it easier to manage and create looks you love. A lightweight, moisturizing shampoo for rehydrating dry or naturally wavy hair. Wash your hair gently with this shampoo, which provides long-lasting moisture and luscious combability without overdosing on the hair.

EnergyCode H1 Hydrate Shampoo moisturizes your hair efficiently without harming your hair natural shine or volume. If you have normal, dry hair, dry tendency, or difficulty combing, then this product might be ideal for you. The shampoo cleans the hair gently, hydrates it for a long time, and makes styling easier.

Wella System Professional SP Hydrate Shampoo 250ml is a moisturizing shampoo for damaged, dry and normal hair. The moisture complex and vitamin B5 in Hydrate Shampoo provide immediate moisture and softness to dry, dehydrated and depleted hair. Wella's hydrate mask provides immediate hydration and softness without overpowering the hair. It contains its innovative active moisturizing complex, which imparts moisture and softness to the hair right away.


Cleanses thoroughly with a mild formula
This product hydrates and moisturizes hair for a long time without weighing it down
Glycerine, D-Panthenol, Glucose & fructose are among the ingredients & active substances included
For dry and difficult to comb hair that needs rehydration
Softens with a gentle formula that doesn't overload

How To Use:

Distribute one pump of shampoo evenly through damp hair.
Lather gently and massage.
Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward.


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