System Professional Repair Mask 200mL
System Professional Repair Mask 200mL

System Professional Repair Mask 200mL


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It intensively nourishes damaged hair and provides protection for cuticles. A single application of the active complex leaves hair feeling stronger and repairing deeply. Additionally, it helps protect damaged hair against further mechanical damage by providing smoothness and manageability.

This System Professional Repair Mask helps to enhance the illusion of a shiny complexion. It leaves no heavy, sticky build-up behind because it is lightweight and fast-absorbing. An array of replenishing components promotes long-term softness, making this shampoo ideal for those prone to knotting and tangling.

Due to its ability to minimize split ends and flyaways, this hair mask can also be used by people with color-treated hair. Its formula provides nourishment and protection to damaged hair. The mask strengthens each strand, reducing breakage and restoring strength to your locks.

The System Professional EnergyCode R3 Repair Mask repairs damaged hair deeply for a visible improvement in hair texture and softness. This conditioner is designed for extremely damaged, brittle, and brittle hair. The conditioner is suitable for color-treated hair. If you give your hair the time it deserves, this mask is an ideal intensive treatment for you.

Intensely nourishing and protecting the hair fibers, this mask repairs damaged hair. A single application of this complex eliminates breakage, strengthens hair, and fixes it thoroughly. This process also restores suppleness to damaged hair and makes combing easier to prevent further damage.


With System Professional Repair Mask, you can restore damaged hair and protect hair fibers.
Just one application of the mask significantly reduces breakage while repairing, strengthening, and strengthening the hair deeply.
Repair hair mask restores manageability and smoothness to damaged hair, helping to prevent further mechanical damage.

Application Procedure:

Apply the product directly onto the scalp once the hair is towel-dried after shampooing with a System Professional shampoo. Massage in gently. Wait five minutes before washing off. Wash thoroughly afterward. Apply to scalp and hair after mixing with infusions.


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