System Professional Repair Perfect Hair 150mL
System Professional Repair Perfect Hair 150mL

System Professional Repair Perfect Hair 150mL


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Use System Professional Repair Perfect Hair on dry, damaged hair to restore weakened hair to health. A non-greasy mist combining Hydrolysed Keratin and Wheat Germ Oil provides heat protection during thermal styling. It is a reparative and restructuring agent that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to smooth rough cuticles and prevent split ends, static, and frizz. In addition to protecting hair from further damage, the leave-in treatment revives dull, over processed tresses with hydration and provides silky smoothness.

Make your hair stronger by using System Professional Repair Perfect Hair R5 150ml. Formulated with amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin, this leave-in foam restructures damaged hair by penetrating the pores.

Water makes hair more susceptible to damage by up to 10 times. In order to protect the hair from heat damage and mechanical damage when exposed to heat during blow-drying, heat protectors are needed. System Professional Perfect Hair volumizes and strengthens hair.

Using System Professional Repair Perfect Hair Mousse Reparatrice R5, you can inflate and increase the volume of your hair. Deeply strengthens hair fiber with the leave-in foam. As keratin and amino acids are hydrolyzed, the porous texture of the hair is restructured to reduce damage. A Thermo-Resist formula contains polymers that protect the hair from the effects of heat and ensure strong, elastic hair.


Adds volume and improves the structure of the hair
Profoundly strengthening the hair fibers
Restructure the damaged areas of the hair structure by penetrating the porous zones
Your hair will become more resilient to heat.
Improves combability and hair resistance.
Immediately protects the hair, repairs, and nourishes it.

How To Use:

Foam dispenser that automatically activates. Be careful not to shake the bottle. It is best applied prior to blow-drying. Blow dry the hair after applying two to six pumps of foam. Don't rinse it out.


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