System Professional Smoothen Shampoo 250mL
System Professional Smoothen Shampoo 250mL

System Professional Smoothen Shampoo 250mL


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With System Professional Smoothen Shampoo S1 250ml, curly hair can be tamed while being gently cleansed. The shampoo softens and smoothes unruly hair, allowing you to manage your tresses with ease. Smoothen Shampoo promotes smooth, supple hair with a gentle, luxurious formula. The formula helps to soften frizz and flyaways in hair that is coarse and has a mind of its own. With its patented LipidCodeTM technology, it supports resilient, healthy-looking strands.

It removes impurities from the root to the tip, providing a thorough cleanse. The lengths are left soft and manageable. Smooth Shampoo by SP System is the perfect solution for dull and frizzy hair. With this daily shampoo, you can deeply cleanse your scalp and prevent frizz. Providing soft and gentle care for hair, it smooths and controls its structure. Smoothen is formulated for unmanageable, coarse hair, which is easily identified by no shine, unhealthy appearance, tangles, frizzes, and difficulty combing.

Designed for hair that is curly and unruly, this lightweight formula provides cleansing and detangling benefits. EnergyCodeTM Complex tames rebellious strands from root to tip, while removing impurities without affecting the hair's pH balance. It makes hair more manageable, calm, and flexible.

With SP products, you can enjoy salon haircare in the comfort of your own home as cutting-edge science combines with dedicated hairdressing skills to push the limits of hair quality and beauty. A complete, personalized hair care system from SP transforms the beauty of hair from the moment a diagnosis is performed in the salon to the moment a product is chosen at home. As unique as your fingerprint, your hair is a living part of you, and SP helps you take care of it in a way that puts its unique energy needs first.


Providing anti-frizz protection with a daily shampoo
Controls hair structure and smoothes hair
Keeps hair from drying out
Smoothes hair without frizz
Formulated for unmanageable coarse hair

Application Procedure:

Massage into a lather into damp hair. Thoroughly rinse. Do this again if necessary.


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