System Professional Volumize Shampoo 250mL
System Professional Volumize Shampoo 250mL

System Professional Volumize Shampoo 250mL


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Volumize your hair with the System Professional Volumize Shampoo. This shampoo sculpts limp strands with its weightless formula. It lifts away impurities from root to tip, making it ideal for fine or weak hair. It delivers light volume with no weight at all. In addition to strengthening fragile lengths, the volumizing shampoo promotes stronger, energized hair.

The System Professional Volumize Shampoo V1 250ml is perfect for fine hair in need of volume. It cleanses and boosts locks right from the roots. Your style will look full of body and feel stronger as every application strengthens fine hair. Use System Professional Volumize Shampoo to remove product buildup for light volume. This shampoo strengthens fine hair from the first wash. It gently cleanses without weighing the hair down.

With Wella SP shampoo, you can strengthen hair without adding weight to it. The shampoo is the ideal solution for those with fine hair, lack of volume, and fragile strands. Fine hair needs a volumizing shampoo like SP Volumize. While strengthening hair, this shampoo doesn't overwhelm it. This shampoo adds volume and strength to hair. Typically, fine hair is characterized by thinness and lack of volume, characteristics which can easily be identified as hair that is "volumized".


A volumizing shampoo that can be used daily
Strengthens without weighing down hair
Increases the volume and strength of hair
A volumizing formula for fine hair
A formula that gives you body-filled locks
Cleanse and strengthen your hair fiber simultaneously with this shampoo
Your locks will feel nourished
You will get toned, healthy hair with the EnergyCode complex

How To Use:

Rinse thoroughly with water after applying SP Volumize shampoo to wet hair.


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