Wella Balance Invigo Anti Hair Loss Serum 8X6ml
Wella Balance Invigo Anti Hair Loss Serum 8X6ml

Wella Balance Invigo Anti Hair Loss Serum 8X6ml

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Haircare and styling products must cater to the various needs of customers to be looked upon as a good product. People are struggling with so many hair problems, and one of them is hair loss. Thus, the Wella invigo balance hair loss serum is a unique formulation from Wella to help you combat your hair loss problem. There are many reasons for hair loss. It can be genetic, environmental, diet-related, stress, or improper styling as well.

Wella Invigo balance hair loss serum has a unique and balanced blend to help the people struggling with hair loss. A healthy scalp is an essential factor in maintaining overall hair health. If the scalp is not clean and healthy, it becomes a trigger for hair loss. But if the scalp is clean and healthy, it prevents hair loss. This serum is designed to target both the scalp and hair to tackle the hair loss situation. As a reason for hair loss can be any, this serum reduces non-congenital hair loss. You will notice the improvement in strength and thickness of hair. The key ingredient is caffeine, which makes the roots stronger to unleash healthy and strong hair.


1. Combats hair loss
2. Targets the non-congenital hair loss
3. Refreshing serum
4. Strengthens the hair
5. The goodness of caffeine
6. Thickens the hair

Directions of use:

1. Massage on scalp and hair
2. Use fingertips in circular movements
3. No need to rinse

Wella knows how to formulate and design products instead of changing hair care and styling needs. So, experience luxurious hairstyling with the premium product range from Wella. You can use this anti-hair loss serum to nourish your hair and combat hair loss, and it will become your favorite Wella product.


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