Wella Blondor Seal & Care 500ml
Wella Blondor Seal & Care 500ml

Wella Blondor Seal & Care 500ml

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Hair product users these days widely use hair color for experimenting with new looks, and it also gives a confidence boost to people. Wella blondor seal and care is the perfect product for your lightened hair. It is the best conditioner for lightened hair. The low pH value conditions the lightened hair after the lightening treatment. Hair becomes rough and dull after lightening treatments, and this seal and care are after treatment to condition the hair and not let the hair lose the vitality.

Blondor range by Wella has the products that can help in giving you the desired look you need. The quality of the product also offers a salon-like experience at home to create the bets look. The products provide long lasting results and they are ideal for scalp lightening.

1. Neutralizes the pH
2. Conditions the lightened hair
3. Stabilizes the color pigments
4. Enhances the color vibrancy
5. It gives a unique shine to hair

Directions of use:

1. Use it after lightening treatment
2. Leave it for 5 minutes
3. Rinse thoroughly

Wella is in the haircare industry for more than a century, and it still fulfills the needs of its clients in contemporary fashion and hair care. Wella's innovative blend of science and technology in its range of products makes the brand one of the most sought after. The products are made with a lot of accuracy and quality. It makes the Wella products the first choice for many people.


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