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Wella Color Fresh 75ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella Color Fresh 75ml

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Nowadays, hair color is more of a style statement, and people of all age groups use hair color to come up and experiment with different looks. The Wella Color Fresh is a conditioning color and answer that comes in various shades.

It has no ammonia, and it comes in an expressive color palette. It provides long-lasting results, and it is super easy to apply. The color also lasts till ten washes. It covers grey hair to 30%, and it has an acidic pH formula that is infused with a conditioning vitamin complex. It also adds depth and tone to the hair.


1. Conditioning color enhancer with an expressive color palette
2. No ammonia
3. Acidic pH formula with a conditioning vitamin complex
4. Provides 30% grey hair coverage

5. Easy to use with a creamy consistency

Directions of use

1. Mixed with the needed color shade and apply to shampoo and hair
2. Apply evenly through the length of the hair and wait till the development time for rinsing

Wella is one of the most sought-after brands in the hair care industry. It has been around for more than ten decades, and its quality and innovation have always risen with time. Many people prefer Wella products because they have a product for every hair problem. This product does not disappoint and provides the ideal results.


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