Wella Eimi Flexible Finish 250ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella Eimi Flexible Finish 250ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella Eimi Flexible Finish 250ml

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A professional hair spray like the Wella Eimi Styling Flexible Finish Spray in TRIO pack provides additional definition to the hair, enhancing its overall appearance. It also promises to add volume, give your hair a shine, and offer a flexible hold. Many salon stylists use this product to create flawless hairstyles quickly and easily.


  • An aerosol-free working spray.
  • 24-hour hold
  • It is the successor to Wella Styling Flexible Finish.
  • This new fragrance is delicate and fresh.
  • Getting an optimum light fix on flexible styles requires you to craft, move, and manipulate.
  • This formula is UV and heat resistant.
  • It is an innovative product that offers flexibility all day long when styling and manipulating your client's hair.
  • It is specially designed to resist heat, humidity, and UV light.

How To Use:
You can spray your style and make it your own. After the spray dries and sets, gently manipulate your hair.

The Wella EIMI Flexible Finish Spray gives hairstyles maximum hold while providing flexibility. This light-hold spray will leave the hair looking natural and full of movement. This product will allow for a soft and malleable appearance on the hair when used to set waves or semi-braided hair. The non-aerosol hairspray is also easy to use, and before the product sets, it can be easily moved and manipulated. In addition, the formula protects against UV rays and heat damage. With this spray, you can keep the hair in place and protected all day long, from a quick fix in the morning to a complete hairdo before a party.

Wella Professionals Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray offers an exceptional balance between shaping and fixing. Get the hair you've always dreamed of with this wet to dry finishing spray. With the Wella Professionals Finish Flexible Finish Non-Aerosol Working Spray, you can be creative in your style. Your style will wow your peers when you manipulate it and fix it into place.


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