Wella Eimi Perfect Me 100ml
Wella Eimi Perfect Me 100ml

Wella Eimi Perfect Me 100ml

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Haircare and hairstyling have become extremely necessary in this modern times due to environmental stress. There are many products available in the market that help maintain optimum hair health. The Wella Eimi Perfect Me is the ideal lotion used for hairstyling.

The Eimi collection of Wellacaters very well to the changing hair styling needs for the customer. Hair with coarseness and frizziness becomes very tough to style. These products have a unique blend of ingredients that manage coarse and frizzy hair efficiently. Not only does it give a glossy finish to the hair, but it also makes it smooth and shiny. These hair products are primarily oriented for hairstyling and are ideal for shoulder-length hairstyles.


1. Moisturizers the hair and add the glossy finish to it
2. Has a smooth hold and protect the hair from UV rays

Directions of use

1. Apply a small amount on wet hair lengthwise
2. Style as you want

Wella is a century-old hair care brand originating from Germany. It has kept its image since then, and it is the first choice of many salons worldwide. Many people look up to vela products because they have a product for almost every hair problem. It makes it a very trustworthy brand in the haircare industry.


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