Wella Eimi Shape Me 150ml TRIO - Salon Warehouse
Wella Eimi Shape Me 150ml TRIO - Salon Warehouse

Wella Eimi Shape Me 150ml TRIO

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Wella Eimi shape me is a unique hair gel formulated by Wella for hair styling. It helps to shape the hair the way you want, and it is perfect for daily use as it nourishes the hair along with hair styling.


1. Heat-activated gel formula
2. Memorizing polymer complex
3. Helps to style hair
4. Holds hair up to 48 hours
5. You can use it daily
6. Hold level of 2

Directions of use:

1. Put a small amount on your palm
2. Rub your palms together
3. Apply evenly on wet or dry hair
4. Apply from roots to ends

The eimi range of Wella has focused explicitly on the customer's contemporary hairstyling requirements, and it helps you unleash your unique hairstyle confidently. The looks created by these products cater to each person's requirements. It works ideally for all types of hair and volume. They make your hair look voluminous without creating an imbalance in the texture. It is challenging to find the ideal balance of hold, styling, shine, and texture, but the eimi range does it all.

Wella has been serving clients for many years. They know how to fulfill the personal hair care needs of a client. You can enjoy luxurious hairstyling with their product range. It can be used daily and gives a perfect hold for two days.


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