Wella Freelights Developer 12% 40vol 1000ml
Wella Freelights Developer 12% 40vol 1000ml

Wella Freelights Developer 12% 40vol 1000ml

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Now, people do not use hair color only for covering the grey hair. It is now a crucial part of the styling, and it also gives an edge to the personality.

This product is used combined with freelights white lightening powder to give the desired blonde look.

Hair color often gives a boost to your personality. The maginificent Blondor range has the products formulated to get you a broad spectrum of blonde looks. The products are so premium that they give you a salon-like experience at home to create a desired blonde look for you, and also provide long-lasting and reliable results. These products are great for gentle lightening of hair and scalp. It can also be used on virgin and pre-colored hair.


1. Fast highlight service
2. Excellent for lightening hair and scalp
3. Creamy consistency
4. Easy to use
5. Up to 7 levels of hair lightening
6. It gives the maximum lift

Directions of use:

1. Mix it with the lightening powder as per the instructions given
2. Use a non-metallic bowl for mixing
3. Apply in a sweeping motion on dry hair and do not soak it in the mix
4. Development time varies from 10-50 minutes depending upon the tone you want
5. Rinse thoroughly

Wella is in the haircare industry from the past 12 decades, and it satisfies customers' needs in this fashion-oriented world. The innovative blend of science and technology makes the brand one of the most sought after in hair care products. The products are made with precision and without any compromising in the quality; this makes the Wella products the first choice for salons worldwide. The products have received a lot of feedback worldwide, and Wella is a well-known name in the hair care industry.


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