Wella Freelights Developer 9% 30vol 1000ml
Wella Freelights Developer 9% 30vol 1000ml

Wella Freelights Developer 9% 30vol 1000ml

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There have been some big changes in hairstyling in recent years. Now, the sole purpose of using hair color is not to hide the grey hair. It is a crucial part of hair styling, and it also gives a confidence boost to people. This Freelights Developer is used combined with freelights white lightening powder to give the desired blonde look.

The Blondor range by Wella gives you a lot of variety in choosing your blonde looks. It gives you a premium salon-like experience at home to create a desired blonde look for you. The products provide the best results and it is ideal for lightening of the hair and scalp.


1. Fast highlight service and best for lightening the scalp
2. It has a creamy consistency and provides the extra lift to the hair
3. Simple to use with 7 levels of hair lightening

Directions of use:

1. Mix it with the lightening powder and use a non-metallic bowl for it
2. Apply on dry hair and do not soak the hair in the mix
3. Developing time can be anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. It depends on the tone you want.
4. Rinse

Wella has been the choice of people for a long time. They come up with the best products for hair care and hair styling without changing the basic hair care needs. All these factors make Wella a sought after brand in the hair care industry.


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