Wella Insta Recharge Root Concealer 2.1g - Salon Warehouse
Wella Insta Recharge Root Concealer 2.1g - Salon Warehouse

Wella Insta Recharge Root Concealer 2.1g

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Hair coloring products are one of the most sought after styling elements for today's people. They like experimenting with their looks and color. Wella insta recharge root concealer is a temporary coloring solution for root growths, and it can be used for different purposes other than concealing the root growth. It is an excellent product as it saves you from salon appointments in the middle.

This root concealer works great to highlight the hair and give root touch-ups and saves you from current salon visits to cover the new root growths. The concealer creates thick hairlines by concealing and filling them with unique optical technology. It is available in 5 temporary shades. Although it is not the most ideal solution to color the root growths, the solution washes away with the next shampoo. The colors that are there are are light blonde, blonde, medium brown, brown, and black.


1. Used to highlight extensions
2. Great for filling eyebrows
3. Perfectly conceals the root growth
4. Used for optical filling of receding hairline.
5. Available in 5 different shades

Directions of use:

1. Use the brush to apply on the hairline
2. Apply with the padded tool for eyebrow concealing

Wella is one of the top brands in developing hair care and hairstyling products. All products are made with a lot of accuracy and with all the quality conditions. It is why Wella is one of the most sought after brands for hairstyling products.


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