Wella Color Brilliance Invigo BB Spray 150ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella Color Brilliance Invigo BB Spray 150ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella INVIGO Color Brilliance BB Spray 150ml

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Hairstyling products these days serve the purpose of haircare as well. They go hand in hand. The Wella Enrich Invigo Brilliance BB Spray ideally nourishes the hair to make it softer and supple.

This spray enhances the color vibrancy and is more of a leave-in product. It has copper encapsulating molecules that maintain vibrancy, and it also has histidine and Vitamin E that control the oxidation process and maintain excellent hair health. Furthermore, there is lime caviar that is full of peptides and antioxidants that help improve hair health.

1. Brilliance blend formula with copper encapsulating molecules
2. Prevents hair oxidation and is enriched with Vitamin E and lime caviar
3. Also has antioxidants and other vitamins

Directions of use:

1. Apply to damp hair along with the roots and the mid-lengths, and then rinse it off

You must try this product because it has gained a lot of positive feedback and it never fails to impress. Wella is one of the most sought-after brands in the haircare industry. They always raise the bar of the quality and innovation with every product. People look up to the brand because they have a solution in the form of a product for almost any hair care problem.


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