WELLA Invigo Volume Booster Uplifting Concentrate 100ml - Salon Warehouse
WELLA Invigo Volume Booster Uplifting Concentrate 100ml - Salon Warehouse

WELLA Invigo Volume Booster Uplifting Concentrate 100ml

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The most crucial step of haircare after oiling is cleansing. The shampoo is used for cleaning the dirt and excess oil from the hair. It makes shampoo an essential product for the haircare regime as it prepares your hair for further nourishment and styling. Wella invigo volume boost bodifying shampoo is particularly formulated to take care of your fine hair. This delicate cleanser cleans the hair thoroughly by removing all the impurities and excess oil without draining the hair moisture.

Wella invigo volume boost range is formulated to take good care of delicate and less voluminous hair. It nourishes the hair and scalp as a healthy scalp is a pre-requisite for healthy hair. The bodifying spring polymers surround themselves with the hair fibers to create a voluminous look, and it provides the required nourishment without making the hair greasy. The light-weight formula makes the hair feel light and enhances the look by creating voluminous hair. It makes the hair soft and easily manageable.


1. Nourishes the hair
2. Takes good care of fine hair
3. It makes hair look voluminous
4. Bodifying spring fibers
5. Light-weight formula
6. Makes hair soft
7. It gives easily manageable hair

Directions of use:

1. Apply the shampoo on damp hair
2. Massage and lather for 2-3 minutes
3. Rinse thoroughly

Wella is in the haircare industry for a dozen decades, and it satisfies customers' needs in this fashion-oriented world. Wella's innovative blend of science and technology makes the brand one of the most sought after in hair care products. The products are made with precision and under quality conditions; this makes the Wella products the first choice for salons worldwide. The products are admired and loved by people worldwide, and Wella is a well-known name in the hair care industry.


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