Wella Magma by Blondor 500ml
Wella Magma by Blondor 500ml

Wella Magma by Blondor 500ml


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Haircare and styling have changed significantly, and it is not done only to cover grey hair. The young generation likes to experiment with their hair color and looks. This product is used to combine Wella developers to give you desired red or blonde shades.

Wella's Blondor range has the perfect bunch of products to provide you with a broad spectrum of blonde looks. It also provides long-lasting and reliable results, and is great for gentle lightening of hair and scalp.


1. Fast highlight service and easy to use
2. Tones the hair and best for virgin hair
3. Has a combination of 11 different shades

Directions of use:

1. Mix it with as per the instructions given
2. Rinse it after applying accordingly

This product will not disappoint you because experts at Wella come up with the most innovative haircare products. It is why people have been preferring Wella products for such a long time. These factors make the brand the most sought after in haircare.


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