Wella Nutri-Enrich Invigo Deep Nourishing Conditoner 1000ml
Wella Nutri-Enrich Invigo Deep Nourishing Conditoner 1000ml

Wella Nutri-Enrich Invigo Deep Nourishing Conditoner 1000ml

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Haircare and styling needs have seen a lot of significant changes in present times, resulting in various products to cater to customers' needs. Wella invigo Nutri-enrich conditioner is a nourishing conditioner to provide deep nourishment to your hair. The conditioner improves the overall hair health, and the silk extract helps to enhance the hair texture and bring back original hair shine. The formulation targets the lifeless and stressed hair to eliminate all the problems and revitalize the hair.

The Nutri-enrich range of Wella has a unique Nutri-enrich blend formula. The products are mainly designed to look after dry hair. They are perfect for dull hair; they help nourish it, bring back the hair vitality, and unleash your hair's smooth and shiny look. The critical ingredients of the Nutri-enrich complex are oleic acid and panthenol. These provide moisture and nurture to maintain optimum hair health, and Vitamin E protects the hair from styling and environmental stress. More significant ingredients are the goji berry, fully laden with vitamins, minerals, and peptides.


1. Nutri-enrich complex
2. Takes care of dull hair by making it smooth and shiny
3. Has Vitamin E
4. Components like Oleic Acid and Panthenol
5. Enriched with Goji Berry

The direction of use:

1. Use on clean and damp hair by leaving it on them for a few minutes and thoroughly rinsing it afterwards

Wella has been at the top of the haircare industry for a considerably long time. Wella is an expert at formulating and designing products instead of changing hair care and styling needs. With Wella, enjoy and experience luxurious hairstyling with the product range. Use this Nutri-enrich conditioner to nourish your stressed hair, and it will become your favorite hair-pampering product.


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