Wella Nutricurls Micellar Curls Shampoo 1000ml
Wella Nutricurls Micellar Curls Shampoo 1000ml

Wella Nutricurls Micellar Curls Shampoo 1000ml

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Shampoos play a huge role in hair cleaning, and there are many shampoos available in the market that meet the different hair care requirements of customers. One such shampoo is the Wella Nutricurls Micellar Curls Shampoo, specially formulated to provide gentle cleansing for curly and wavy hair. This shampoo doesn't have sulfate, and it helps get rid of the impurities while nourishing the hair and removing frizziness.

If you need to take care of your curly and wavy hair, the Wella Nutricurls range of products is the best for you. These products have the goodness of wheat bran extract and jojoba oil that make the curls soft. It also makes the hair easily manageable and gets rid of unwanted frizziness. This range is ideal for styling wavy and curly hair to make them more bouncy.


1. Jojoba oil and wheat bran extract
2. Nourish-in complex
3. Sulfate-free shampoo that makes hair easily manageable

Directions of use

1. Apply on wet hair and leather for a couple of minutes before rinsing it thoroughly

Wella is a haircare brand that has been around for more than a hundred years, and it is still going strong. People prefer Wella products because they have a solution in the form of a product for every hair problem. It is why it is also the primary choice of many big salons. Wella has always maintained its quality of the products.


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