Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask 400ml
Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask 400ml

Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask 400ml

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Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask 400ml

Wella SP Balance Mask is a proprietary formula that balances and soothes sensitive scalps. It calms irritated and dry skin to form a barrier protecting against dryness. It is soft on the skin and balance the natural PH of the scalp. It is dermatological tested and approved. It is a perfect hair loss treatment as it delicately balances and soothes irritated skin. It helps to restore the moisture to your scalp and rejuvenate the skin. This mask is highly beneficial for people who suffer from chronic dryness and especially during the winters. Dry air increases this problem manifold and using this mask post shampooing is great for restoring moisture.

What makes Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask the best?

• Prepares scalp for intense hair loss treatment • Balances the natural PH of your scalp • Reduces dryness and itchiness in the scalp • Forms a protective barrier against dryness and itchiness • Helps in reducing and eliminating dandruff • D Panthenol- It helps to restore moisture to the scalp and maintain its natural health • Bisabolol- Is an anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing redness and itchiness • Helps in nourishing the skin and scalp rejuvenation • Helps replenish your scalp • Restores moisture to the scalp and reduce dryness • Dermatology tested formula from Wella Professionals • Best hair treatment for Scalp • Prevents hair-loss and rejuvenates hair and scalp

Directions for Use

Apply a sufficient amount of the hair after shampoo. Massage gently in your hair and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse out after use. You will feel an instant moist and rejuvenated scalp.

Wella professionals is a top brand used worldwide and Wella SP's range of products are specially designed for hair repair and rejuvenation. It is the most trusted brand used in salons worldwide by professionals.


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