Wella SP Color Save Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella SP Color Save Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Color Save Shampoo 1000ml

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Shampooing is a crucial product for completing a hair care routine because it cleans your hair. You may find different shampoos in the market that all serve different purposes. But for those with colored hair, the Wella SP color save shampoo is the best buy because it takes care of your colored hair and even holds the Color for longer periods.

Wella's Color Save range has the products that do the best job at taking care of your colored hair. It is largely because of 4 elements, that are quaternium, UV filter, olive leaf extract, EDDS, and EDTA. All in all, they lock the hair color, save the hair from UV light and free radicals, and preserve the hair keratin from the damage caused by keratin reduction. This product also protects the hair from the damage caused by bleaching, and it maintains the keratin integrity of the hair.

1. Maintains keratin integrity and protects against a copper reduction
2. Infused with antioxidants and olive leaf extract
3. 3D Color save technology and UV protection

Directions of use:

1. Apply on slightly damp hair at the roots and the lengths
2. Rinse it off

A shampoo that nourishes and even protects your colored hair is best for people who have colored hair. It is why you must select this product from Wella for taking care of your colored hair. People have been using Wella products for decades, and if there is one thing that has been on the increase, it is the quality of these products. A lot of precision and innovation goes into the making of these products.


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