Wella SP Hydrate Conditioner 1000ml
Wella SP Hydrate Conditioner 1000ml

Wella SP Hydrate Conditioner 1000ml

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A conditioner is as important as a shampoo. Now, choosing a hair conditioner becomes difficult because you have to choose one that will nourish your hair without making it greasy. One such conditioner is the Wella SP Hydrate conditioner which moisturizes the dull hair, making it easily manageable. This conditioner is like a blessing for dull hair because it deeply hydrates the hair and provides it with the appropriate moisturization.

Wella's Hydrate range has products that make lifeless hair hydrated and vibrant. Thanks to the forma moist ingredients that hold moisture and repair the hair. These products have ingredients that create a balance in the moisture, smoothly retain it, and prevent dehydration.


1. Lightweight formula that holds moisture
2. Unique hydrating complex and forma moist ingredients
3. Maintains overall hair health, improves texture, and softens hair

The directions of use:

1. Use a pea-sized amount and apply it to wet hair, after which you have to let it be for some minutes
2. Rinse

People have been using Wella products for more than a hundred years. SP products are the best at combining all the essentials to provide the customers with the best products. Experience the goodness of this hydrating conditioner to get silky, smooth, and shiny hair at home. Try this conditioner once, and it would become the key product of your hair care regime.


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